Youth Program


”Our program provides a friendly, comfortable and positive learning environment for your child. We encourage and focus on discipline, respect, self confidence, academic achievement, communication and leadership skills” Mr & Mrs Farrell.

Giving the gift of Martial Arts is one of the most rewarding things a parent can do for their child. At New Mexico Tae kwon do, not only will your child develop physical skills, but more importantly the understanding of hard work and fighting spirit. Our youngest student’s are taught from the first time that they enter our doors that no reward comes without hard work and effort. Our program is proven and has produces a high number of success stories transforming socially challenged children into fighting black belts – Mr. & Mrs Farrell will teach each student with a passion that is unmatched and the attention that they deserve.


• SELF ESTEEM – Children develop a better sense of themselves as being stronger and more capable.

• GOAL SETTING – Regularly scheduled belt tests provide both short and long term goals.

• INTEGRITY – A strong code of ethics and values are taught and followed.

• INDOMITABLE SPIRIT – Through being encouraged and pushed to excel, students develop strength in the face of adversity, both physical and mental.

• RESPONSIBILITY – Children are taught and expected to take care of their own and the schools equipment.

• LOYALTY – Stressed heavily, not just to the school but to fellow students, family and ideals.

• DISCIPLINE – A strict training system leads to a more serious and focused mind.

• LOVE OF FAMILY – Honoring the mother and father are stressed at almost every class.

• RESPECT – In a structure where lack of respect is not tolerated, respect flourishes and is carried beyond the walls of the school.

• SELF CONTROL – Not just through physical training, but through and expectation of the right actions. Children learn to control both their bodies and minds.

• LEADERSHIP – Higher belt students begin helping lower belts, learning the skills needed to become strong leaders.


If you are not taking Tae kwon Classes it will be hard to help your child with the physical techniques of Tae Kwon Do. Please understand that our qualified black belts will take care of this part of your child’s Tae Kwon Do journey.

Listed below are some helpful tips that you can help with to ensure your children’s success.

:-)  Help them learn the literary knowledge that is available online on the patterns page.

:-) Do not compare your child to other children.

:-)  Do not let your child make excuses. Please remember that we are a school and just as children are not always willing to go to regular school, there will be times when they do not want to attend Tae Kwon Do class. As a parent it is your responsibility to help them learn discipline and make them aware of the sacrifice and commitment that is required to reach goals. If you are having this problem regularly, please talk to Mr. or Mrs. Farrell.

:-)  Do not burn your child out. Many times when a student first starts Tae Kwon Do they are eager to come every day. This is not recommended. The most a child should come is 3 days per week. Make sure they are coming to their belt level class and also sparring class.

:-)  We have a waiting area where parents can see the kids training without distracting the children. The reason for this is twofold: It is hard for your child as well as other children in the class to concentrate if we have too many parents on the floor watching class. You also want them to learn independence and confidence. You are encouraged to attend testing. (You may come out onto the training area to view a class by asking the instructors). If you do come watch a class in plain view we ask that you refrain from coaching on the side lines, using your phone or loud talking with other parents.

:-)  Help us teach your child responsibility. Tae Kwon Do is an individual activity. We emphasize to all students that each of us is responsible for our actions and that everything has a consequence. Once they start training, let them pack their own equipment bag and let them tie their own belts. We always reinforce that it was not their parents fault if they were not responsible for one thing or another.

:-) Our motto to the children is that whoever works the hardest will be the best. Again, we are not comparing the children, rather we are trying to emphasize that the hardest person to defeat is our self. We teach that they must sincerely push themselves to maximum potential.

:-)  Please reinforce with your child all the School’s etiquette regulations.

:-)  Make sure that they are following the proper code of conduct such as bowing and conduct this is outlined on our web page School ethics and posted on the bulletin board at the Tae Kwon Do School.

:-) If your child is participating in another outside sport or activity, please Do Not let them quit their training. You may want to reduce the number of classes they are taking or replace their weekly group class with a private lesson at your convenience. Continuing their Tae Kwon Do training will only enhance their activity.

:-)  All Literary knowledge and physical techniques for each belt level is available within this website, and also as paper format within the academy.

:-)  All material from previous and current belt levels must be maintained.