Please adhere to the following rules of etiquette in all Martial Arts classes.

  • All students must bow before entering and leaving the dojang.
  • Always Bow before speaking to your instructor or black belt and address them as Mr., Mrs. or Miss and the instructors last name. 
  • Prior to class, all students should bow to black belts who enter the dojang. This also applies to lower ranking black belts when senior degrees enter.
  • No outdoor shoes on the mats.
  • No food or drinks on the mats.
  • No idle chatter while training is in progress and refrain from swearing.
  • Request permission before leaving class for rest/drink/bathroom break etc.
  • When lining up in class, the highest rank student is positioned at the right hand side of the front row. Students in the succeeding rows should line up directly behind the students in the front row, with seniority always starting at the right hand side.
  • If you arrive late for class, you must first attract the attention of your instructor by raising your hand, to acknowledge you are here so we may pull your attendance card and give you credit for your class.