The Alliance will be hosting a summer camp this coming July in Florida. Let’s all go enjoy some amazing training and fun in Disney World, Florida 🎢🎡

The camp runs from Monday the 8th of July until Friday the 12th, with the International Black Belt testing taking place on Wednesday the 10th.  There will be training from 9am to 1pm each day, with a planned beach day on the Friday. 

Master Kirkwood has also arranged for “Superfoot” Bill Wallace to come to camp and teach a seminar.

For further information and to book a place at camp please see come to the office to pick up a booking form.







Dear Tae Kwon Do family

Our dear friend and black belt Joe Gonzalez has passed away. Those of you that knew Joe, we called him Uncle Joe.

He was an amazing man with a heart of gold. He trained harder than anyone we have ever known.
We want to extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to his amazing sister Agnes Gonzales, and all the family.

We love you guys and Joe will never ever be forgotten. His photo will also be hanging on our black belt wall of fame.