Panthers Program


“Our Panther Program is geared towards the 4 to 6 year old group. We are working on building skills such as Focus, Teamwork, Responsibility, Fitness, control ,self esteem, love for family and safety awareness”.

The Panther’s curriculum is filled with fun and repetition. They come to the school. They run. They exercise and have fun. Before class starts, the children are shown a little affection: tying belts and inquiring about their day. The children understand that they are in a loving and supportive environment—even when class gets strict. Classes begin with stretches and drills. As the class progresses, even the shyest of children can be seen emerging from their hesitations and joining in with the kicks, blocks and punches. At this age, self-confidence is a fundamental key to a solid character development.


If you are not taking Tae kwon Classes it will be hard to help your child with the physical techniques of Tae kwon Do.

Please understand that our qualified black belts will take care of this part of your child’s Tae Kwon Do journey.

How you can help is to always encourage your child to have a no quit attitude, to practice and to help them with the literary knowledge.

All Literary knowledge is on the patterns page following the step by step instructions .