We offer a dynamic and comprehensive martial arts program with emphasis on physical fitness and stress relief in a safe and fun environment. We guarantee you will re-gain and improve your physical fitness while learning our  martial arts curriculum of all around self-defense.

Our Adult classes are separated into both Beginners and Advanced levels allowing us to concentrate on specific needs of the student and their level. Classes are enjoyable and provide a complete workout that releases negative emotions such as anxiety, stress and fear.  Our training methods help with “self confidence, focus, discipline, communication and a calmer inner self” Mr & Mrs Farrell…..

These are just some of the benefits of Traditional Martial Arts Training and types of people that you will find training along side you at FMAA.  Our adult students range from ages 13-70+, and come in all shapes and sizes.  

Our Adult Classes are focused on increasing our students overall health level through an hour long session of continuous work. As students progress, they will learn both the mental and physical aspects and skills of practical self defense. Our Tae Kwon Do Curriculum was developed by General Cho Hon Hi, the founder of Tae Kwon Do. This system has been proven to be an all inclusive system encompassing every aspect of Traditional Martial Arts. Through the development of physical skill and athletic ability, our Tae Kwon Do students have developed a non quitting spirit that reflects in all aspects of daily life.

Adults start Tae Kwon Do for many different reasons. Some to learn self defense and get fit. Several to build confidence and become more assertive. Many start because they want to do something different and exciting. Often people have joined the ‘gym’ and have become bored by the repetitive exercising and have lost enthusiasm! So why is Tae Kwon Do different? Firstly the classes are fun and enjoyable, every class is different. You may get tired, sweaty, feel excited, fulfilled and challenged, but I can guarantee you will never get bored!

Importantly you well learn a skill that will keep you safe, fit, healthy and your confidence levels will rocket – and your stress levels fall. Because you train together in a group of like minded beginners you will build friendships and team spirit. We also have (optional) social events throughout the year.

Why not come along to one of our dedicated classes for beginners and see for yourself. We are so confident that you will enjoy Tae Kwon do and we are here to help you to change your life forever!