Families training together

Traditionally, martial arts has always been a family affair. In the early days, a father would train and pass down his martial art knowledge to his children. In doing so, this would help to maintain the family style.

Over the years, many martial art styles have been developed this way.

Tae Kwon Do has become a common ground for every family member involved. Together, you work towards common goals; you work on improving yourself in every way.

At Farrell’s Martial Arts Academy, the tradition continues. We pride ourselves on the fact that our school is very family-oriented.

Many of our students have one or both of their parents training at our school, as well. When you train together, you become each other’s cheering section, you push each other to do and be your best – both in the dojang (studio) and outside of the dojang. Tae kwon do then becomes something fun that the whole family can enjoy.

Learning together is fun and it can bring family members closer together. We encourage all parents and siblings to come and see how much the martial arts can benefit your life. You never know, you may just get hooked too!