S. Carolyn Ramos

Farrell’s Martial Arts is an amazing community of people who love children and are devoted to mind, body, spirit health and strength. The rigorous program is perfect for shy kids who need to build confidence and rambunctious ones who need discipline. Our son has been working with the Farrells since he was five years old. Now, he helps with the Little Panthers class. This place has made a profound difference in our lives.

Angie Baca

Mr. and Mrs. Farrell are absolutley wonderful not only with our boys and all the students but also with us! The school has helped our boys come out of their shell as far as standing up for themselves! they know how much they can put up with and they know how to handle situations! All the instructors here are patient and kind and all care for the kids and adults who are here. I am thankful we found this school and hope to see our boys and my hubby become black belts someday!

Gen Witt

Some of the best training I have seen. The Farrells are patient & consistent in their teachings. Firm but not overbearing. They are great pillars of the community. You want a great instruction & Discipline whether for yourself &/or your family, go to their studio & join. 😁👍🙏👊

Julie Rogers DelMarcelle

I’m so grateful to Sean and Denise for the wonderful years my children had at Farrell’s! It’s not just about the sport, it’s about all of the other life lessons learned under the caring wing of the Farrells! Love you guys!

Haley Marie

One big, loving, supportive family.

Rachelle Luna

Mr and Mrs. Farrell love what they do and their passion for teaching martial arts shines through their students. Mrs. Farrell has been an amazing mentor in helping me overcome obstacles that were getting in the way of becoming the best me. I am so grateful for this dynamic duo and their life purpose.

Petra Soule

Outstanding Martial Arts instructors

Joe Cosentino

Excellent world class instruction!